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Lambwolf Collective

MELLEM | wide | convertible length waterproof leash

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MELLEM is an all-occasion leash with a convertible design and is perfect for daily strolls, city walks, running, or hiking. Mellem means between in Danish and we picked this palindrome (a word that reads the same forward as backward) to highlight the balanced relationship between us and our pets. With a convertible design, it is perfect for running, camping, hiking, or just daily strolls.

This all-weather leash for a good 'flow' uses a pliable soft vinyl coated nylon webbing which also provides a good grip. CONVERTIBLE IN 4 LENGTHS

With an easy clip on and off the system, this leash is convertible between SHORT 3ft or 90cm MEDIUM 4ft or 120cm LONG 5ft or 150cm MAX 6ft or 180cm EASY TO CLEAN No matter how much you have dragged the leash, you only need a wipe down to make MELLEM look new again. The waterproof material will never retain moisture and prevents bacteria growth.