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Lambwolf Collective

OTTO | figure 8 waterproof harness for dogs and cats

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OTTO is a figure 8 harness designed for comfort, security, and freedom. Figure 8 makes it easy to adjust for a good fit both around the neck and the girth right behind the front legs. It wraps securely around the chest with a cross and pulls the shoulders back when needed. The minimal design is meant to make your pet feel unhindered and free.

SECURITY  // The smaller loop of the 8 wraps around the bottom of the neck or the "shoulder" while the larger loop wraps around the chest right after the armpits. This continuous strap design makes it easy to achieve a good fit and prevent escapes.

WEIGHTLESS COMFORT + FREEDOM // The major difference between a figure-8 harness when compared to an H or Y-shaped harness is that it does not have a vertical part in front of the chest that can bunch up when your pet runs, plays, or make vigorous movements. The minimal straps and parts make it extremely comfortable and do not obstruct movements.